Day 2: the body

Day 2: the body by Stephen Miller

As I sat down to my muesli and toast, the room slowly filled with the moans and groans of my fellow companions.
The previous day had clearly taken its toll and the thought of walking 30 miles after the damage 25 miles had hit our body’s with, was clearly on everybody’s minds.
Breakfast down and bags packed we headed out into the morning rain.
Box hill was a steady climb and the rain was light so not too disheartening.
After about an hour we came across a policeman who had sealed off an area of woodland where the night before human remains had been found.
As we walked on we discussed the many possibilities of what had happened, and possible theories etc.
We carried on our way as the rain still gently came down.
Hour by hour, step by step, and with the rain getting heavier and the terrain becoming more challenging, we slowly chugged on.
Lunch was quick and taken under the shelter of some trees, and the rest of the afternoon just blurred into one.
Around 5pm Jacko informed us we had just 11 miles to go, so imagine my horror when an hour later we still had 11 miles to go.
The best part of the afternoon for me came after I mentioned to Ian that I had seen the fields moving. I was falling back from the group because I was taking pictures but Ian and the rest of the guys thought I needed a quick sugar intake as I was hallucinating .
So a Twix was shoved down my throat and the next hour was a dream.
13 hours later we hobbled into our b&b, a quick freshen up and we were driven to the local pub by our landlady. We had dinner at 10pm and then made our way back to bed, driven by the barmen in the pub.
Blisters popped our aching body’s drifted off into the night.
Our last thoughts were for the unnamed body we past many hours earlier, who and why.

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Location:Styles Lane,Boxley,United Kingdom


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