Day 4 – the pain still cometh

I woke up this morning to the harmonious sound of Millsy’s weasing to the tune of ‘spurs are on their way to Wembley’ as he slept. He was either suffering or he’d swallowed a whistle. He was actually suffering as he has asthma. fair play to him for taking on such a challenge as it can’t have been easy.
Anyway, after breakfast which consisted of the thickest bread that I have ever seen, we strapped, packed and started our walk.
It started in good spirit and the banter was good. After the first mile, the mood changed as we proceeded to climb and descend the worst hills that I had ever seen. This went on for four hours. We struggled like you wouldn’t believe and we were becoming more and more deflated as we went. It turned out that the first four hours brought us only seven miles. We were well behind schedule. By lunch time we reached a village called Hollingbourne where we decided to stop at a pub called The Bad Habit (try it out if you are ever in Hollingbourne). We ditched our self heating meals for the luxury of a pub lunch and a soft drink. It worked wonders and revitalised each if us. We took off and marched through the torrential rain for another four hours (we had promised ourselves an Indian this evening as it was our last stay), catching up on our schedule reaching the village of Rye in good time. We checked into The Mulbery B&B (another plug but stay there if ever you are in that neck of the woods. The place is fantastic and the land lady Angela is lovely). We managed to have a couple of pints in the village pub before devouring our Indian. Millsy, bless him insisted on paying for the meal to say thank you for our help in taking part in his charity. If I’d known that before we ordered, I’d gone for a starter too!!
Anyway, once we had consumed our meal, we went back to our digs and took to bed.
One more day boys!!

– From Ian, Millsy, Jacko and Smithy


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