Our final day by Ian Smith

5.30am and I can smell breakfast downstairs being cooked and my thoughts go to the day ahead – 26 miles from Wye to Dover.

After a fantastic evening the night before and a lovely meal paid for by Steve, my mind quickly goes over the gruelling 101 miles we have gone through and the pain.

Up I say to myself and we all soon meet for breakfast and we thank our host Angela from the Mullbery B&B, Wye, for her kind donation to the cause.

6.30am and we are off for the final day and a big push is needed.

We soon start to cover the usual hills and fantastic views of Kent.

4 hours 30 mins in and we rest looking down on Folkestone and the rest is brilliant.  It is a fine day with the sun unlike the other days.

I take a moment to reflect and look at my colleagues Steve, Ian and Richard and my thoughts are you guys are amazing and how this has been a privilege to have undertaken such a mammoth task with such fine chaps.

The next few hours are gruelling but YESSSS Dover is in sight!!!

2.30pm and we are on top of a WW2 pillar box and we stop for a bit to eat.

Richard is off exploring the inside of this pillar box and was quite some time!

Off we go and we now know we only have a few miles to go.

As per usual the walk is still hard and of course more lovely hills!

Now on our final descent take a pew, enjoy the view we have done the Downs I shout!

The last few signs for the North Downs soon fade away and we reach our final destination and cross the line.

Ian gets a couple to take the photo of us all and the feeling is great!

All of us sit down on the benches and take off the evil boots and rest for a while looking out at sea.

An elderly couple offer us a few quid maybe to go away as our feet and we stink.

Only joking it was for our cause but we thanked them.

I get second wind and seek out a nice bar for us and I am soon joined by the others where the pints are waiting.

Steve then goes off and come back from the bar with a cracking bottle of cold Champagne -Cheers mate.

The toasts are done and we all settle down for a well deserverd few beers.

Truly amazing and Whittington Hospital we thank you  for the great work you do and baby Charlie this was a true honour!


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