Up and over

Next challenge is the hill ahead…arrghhh

– From Ian, Millsy, Jacko and Smithy

Location:Harville Road,,United Kingdom


Day 3: The pain cometh

Day 3

The North Downs Way challenge

By Richard Jackson

The Film staring John Candy as Stephen Miller, Gary Oldman as Ian Smith, John Thompson as Ian Stephens and Adam Woodyatt as Richard Jackson who ever he is ?

But let’s face it no one wants to make a film about four South London Men on a charity walk eh !?

The day started early 6 am again,
Sharing a double bed with Ian S was better than I thought except we kept touching bums through the night….he didn’t snore or smell bad so I was happy with that.
Breakfast was swift and all we needed, full English in true tradition.

Back on the path in single file everyone moaning about what part of their anatomy was hurting but after about three miles your body kindly gets into a rhythm and the pain subsides for a while.

I can honestly say at one point going down a very steep mud soaked slippery stairs carved out of the hill by some wonderful volunteer maybe a sexy student that by throwing myself off the top would have been less painful !

It was all smiles from Miller right up until the point he broke wind and then his smile turned into a frown !

” I need to stop ” he cried as he realised it was more than just a fart !!

After the initial shock he cleaned himself up and was back on the trail.

He said to us an hour later ” every time I fart it’s like Russian Roulette ” !

Hours went by as I stared in front of me to scared to look at the beautiful scenery incase I made the wrong step and twisted my ankle or worse.

To give you readers some idea of how bad my body hurts, when I woke up and painfully slipped my flip flops on to go down to breakfast both my little toes which are blistered beyond belief were leaking a clear fluid which stuck to my flip flops and dried.

But what I love is every man here is so determined to finish this that we have become a band of brothers we have suffered together the camaraderie is amazing I love these men and their spirt !

We finished a long hard and grueling day 3 and booked in to our next B&B.
I bagseed a room with Millsy (well actually it was my turn to share with him) and we settled in. Once pants and socks had been placed upon the radiators and we had finally bathed (apart from me as there was no hot water) we ventured down to the local pub for food looking like a bunch of Aussies in our T-shirts, shorts and flip flops.
During our supper, milsey checked the Internet on his phone and found out that the body we had passed a day earlier was identified as Brian Hynard, age 58. It turned out that he had gone missing two years earlier. Our thoughts that night went out to Brian’s family.
Back to the B&B and it was heads down and lights out.
Ian eventually got to have his shower.

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