Whittington Babies Hospital

Whittington Babies is a registered charity (no.295359) which was established in 1986 by a group of parents whose babies had spent time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

The aim of the founders of Whittington Babies remains the same today; namely to support the families of babies who spend time in the NICU and the doctors and nurses who work in the NICU.

They are a very modest charity, helped by the Whittington but independent of it. They rely on the support of the NICU doctors, nurses and support staff as well as their members to make a difference to the parents we help.

Where your money goes?

At Whittington Hospital Charitable Funds, your donation is invaluable in helping them to continue providing acute and community care services to their patients. To help you understand where your money goes, below is a shopping list.

£’s Project

£20 could help towards keeping their cancer information up to date

£50 towards the operating costs of X-ray equipment in our Fracture Ward

£100 towards providing spare clothing for children who are presented inappropriately under our Child Protection project

£500 could help towards the up keep of the Neonatal Intensive Unit saving sick babies lives

£1000 could help towards the costs of nurse training

They are always in need of donations for their cause, which can benefit a particular ward, service or community. Do remember to contact them for further information or a more detailed shopping list.


Please leave a message of support if you wish..

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